Wood-Alu windows

The frame flush with the wall

Magis 40 produced with uni-one technology is design freedom. Freedom to express yourself and create new spaces with high living comfort. The room to be designed is not perturbed, which means that designers can freely create vertical elements, expressing their creativity with no constraints. The window becomes a fluid, subtle object that blends in with the home decor. For the first time, you can choose a window that is more of a design element than a technical one. magis40 produced with uni-one technology  leaves room for imagination and design.


With Magis 40 produced with uni-one technology, extreme, slim and elegant design in your toolbox. Synthesis is at the heart of this line. Renewed simplicity and functionality that evolve through the pursuit of clean, minimalist shapes combined with the rational use of natural raw materials. Larger glazed surface, smaller wood section: light is the real star.


With Magis 40 produced with uni-one technology , the outfit concept enters the world of windows. Magis 40 produced with uni-one technology  is a concept that stimulates the creativity of designers and window and door manufacturers. A skilful, sophisticated mix that leaves plenty of freedom to interpret, experience and decorate windows with accessories and combinations to suit your style. We have designed our look down to the smallest detail, you can create your favorite outfit.


Sustainable Magis 40 produced with uni-one technology  has a core made of glued laminated timber, because, for us, natural materials are always in vogue. The glued laminated timber bar optimizes the use of trees, without waste. Moreover, the use of eco-friendly, planned reforestation techniques makes the magis40 produced with uni-one technology  window a sustainable product. For uni-one bars, Uniform uses wood from FSC® certified forests only. Wood: sustainable and technological.

Wood – Aluminium

Magis 40 produced with uni-one technology has a wooden frame inside, to offer the excellence of nature and, outside, it comes with a protective aluminum shield so as to avoid any kind of maintenance. A range of windows that remain unchanged over time, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality

The Advantages of Wood-Aluminium Series coatings

  • Is a new-generation single-layer coating, printed with a synchronized grain.
  • Is a valuable veneer used in the finest contemporary interiors
  • Adds more value to your window, perfectly blending in with the furnishings and doors of every room.
  • Highly resistant to abrasions, scratches, and stains and perfectly retains colors with no alterations following exposure to light.